Dr. Antonella Veronesi Gaglio

  • Specialization:
    Internal Medicine, FMH
  • Offered services:
    Senology and Aesthetic Medicine
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    By appointment
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    +41 (0)91 921 26 55
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Treatments and services

  • Internist physician (generalist)
  • Breast screening
  • Advice for Trisomy 21 down syndrome
  • Couple’s therapy


After graduating in Classical Studies, she graduated with honours in Medicine and Surgery at "La Sapienza" University in Rome, obtaining the qualification for the profession of surgeon, the specialty in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and the recognition of diploma by the Swiss Confederation.

The recognition of the specialty in General Medicine and the Concordat number allow her to carry out her services to be paid by the Health Insurance.

She got a scholarship for the Oncology Training entitled "Paolo Baffi".

She is enrolled in the Professional Register of the WTO, Order of Doctors of the Canton of Ticino.

Since the early years of her training she has attended several University Clinics including Medicine, General Surgery, Human Anatomy, where the materials on the cellular morphology she developed have been used in a broadcast of television scientific information, and Microbiology, where her notes have been used as teaching material during the degree course in Medicine and Surgery.

She has carried out research and consulting at various University Institutes and Clinics including: Niguarda in the Department of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, the European Institute of Oncology, and the National Cancer Institute of Milan where she specialized in cancer prevention through screening and teaching procedures manoeuvres to be performed in self-exam.

She has attended numerous conferences in Switzerland and abroad including Rio de Janeiro, Bordeaux, Paris, Genoa, Milan, Rome, Bologna, both as a rapporteur and author of scientific publications.

She performs non-invasive skin rejuvenation i.e. without inoculation of substances, with natural products, vitamins, glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid at different degrees.

These treatments are ideal for treating depigmented skin, dull complexion, acne outcomes, hyperkeratinisation, comedones and black spots, skin senescence, photo ageing contrast, seborrheic and acne skin, small glabellar and lips wrinkles and as an adjuvant to the treatment of definitive epilation and also to counter the formation of stria distadae which are longitudinal cutaneous lesions characterized by atrophic skin, free of hair follicles and sweat glands commonly known as stretch marks, they occur in different areas in the two sexes: in males more frequently at the sacral level , on the buttocks and abdomen, in the females on buttocks, thighs, abdomen and breast.

The appearance of stretch marks may be facilitated or aggravated by genetic predisposition or by hormonal alterations.

The skin striae appear initially, in the inflammatory phase, of pink or red (striae rubrae), and then after several months assume a whitish colour (striae albae), which characterizes the scar tissue phase.

Each type of treatment is carried out with specific programs, accompanied by personalized products according to the various types of skin and to the photo type, with rapid penetration and full absorption, which perform a keratin regulating, moisturizing and plasticizing action without allergizing agents such as Nickel.

She also provides dietary advice for those who need help to improve their knowledge about food by learning how to appreciate the flavours of Mediterranean cuisine, improving the quality and reducing the quantity, so that the pleasure of the table can be appreciated by everyone.

Today, as a mother, she also deals with children with Down Syndrome Trisomy 21 and has created the "Down Universe" Association, of which she is the president, especially with the aim of integrating children into normal schools, giving parents and future parents the best advice about how to optimize their children's lives, trying to "donate" to those who require her own experience.

Dr. Antonella Veronesi Gaglio

Spec. in Internal Medicine, FMH


Please note that all the prescriptions concerning internal medicine are recognized by the health insurance company.

Exceptional Talent

In any situation, especially in verifying your health, details are important, but their causes sometimes have much more hidden origins, and it's just a careful analysis and vision of the ONE that can lead to the right solution.

Dr. Antonella Veronesi Gaglio

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