Dr. Emilio Lavezzari

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    Dermatology, FMH
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    Hair self-transplant
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Treatments and services

  • Hair self-transplant


Dermatologist specialized in hair transplantation. The expertise of the specialist and his team is a key factor in the success of a hair self-transplant. Dr. Lavezzari graduated from the University of Pavia, where he also obtained the Dermatology Specialty. Since 1980 he has been dedicated exclusively to hair self-transplant, after long experience with the most accredited American (Orentreich Medical Group, New York) and French clinics (Dr Patrick Rabineau, Paris).

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is today the definitive solution, the only one that allows to recover lost hair. With the introduction of follicular units (FU) and thanks to stereoscopic microscopes, the results are of great satisfaction and the natural thickening that can be obtained allows to remedy any kind of thinning. Since 2005 we are the only ones in Europe to use the new operating microscopes (Varioscope m5) that allow us to get thickening with a density never reached so far. The main technique used is FUT (also known as STRIP), which allows us to safely pick up and transplant a very large number of follicles per session. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is an alternative technique we use in our clinics less often because it is still limited in terms of quality and quantity of the transplanted follicles. It also requires the shaving of the back and lateral areas of the head, an unacceptable condition for several patients. However, when we believe that the characteristics of the follicles in the donor area are adequate, we also successfully use the FUE, often in combination with the strip (FUT).

For the reconstruction of the fronto-temporal line we use exclusively individual follicles, which are inserted as densely as possible thanks to the use of sophisticated operating microscopes. If the patient recovers a very natural hairline, he or she can really count on a significant improvement in the image.

Our orientation is to provide all our patients with the highest standards of performance and safety and that is why we work only in structures of an adequate level.

Since October 2010, we are able to extract from the adipose nuchal tissue (when present in sufficient quantity) a cell suspension which not only contains a good number of mesenchymal stem cells, but is also rich in immature adipocytes and bioactive factors, favouring Bulge cell mitogenesis. This suspension, obtained by mechanical fragmentation and microfiltration of the nuchal adipose tissue (which was once discarded) and applied to the transplantation area, can significantly improve all phases of healing and cell regeneration and its use is an indispensable supplement to the intervention. In the same session, always in order to favour the scarring and rooting of the FUs, we can also apply on the surface of the transplant a concentrated solution of enriched platelets (PRPs), which can be obtained thanks to the presence in the clinic of a biologist from the hematologic department of the analytical laboratory.

Our results confirm that the experience of the specialist and his team plays a crucial role in the success of self-transplant, as well as the clinical environment and safety in which it is carried out.

Dr. Emilio Lavezzari

Spec. in Dermatology, FMH
Exceptional Talent

Hair self-transplant is today the only solution to solve any kind of androgenetic baldness.
Dr. Emilio Lavezzari

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