Dr. Katharina Sirch

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    Aesthetic medicine
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    Every Tuesday

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    +41 (0)91 921 26 55
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Facial Treatments
  • Chemical peeling
  • Bio stimulation
  • Hyaluronic acid filler
  • Reabsorbable wires
  • Botox for expression wrinkles
  • Calcium hydroxyapatite - Micro-needling
  • Radiesse - Filler
Laser Treatments
  • Botox for excessive sweating
  • Mesotherapy
  • Oxygen ozone therapy
  • Vaginal rejuvenation (THERMIva)
  • Carboxytherapy


With a degree in Medicine and Surgery specializing in Ophthalmology and a deep interest in research in the field of aesthetics, I have been dealing exclusively with Aesthetic Medicine for more than 15 years. My commitment is dedicated to a serious analysis of the problems and the most advanced solutions to restore the harmony of a face, guaranteeing results with the most natural effect possible. In my intense experience I selected the consolidated techniques that give certain results, such as Chemical Peeling, Biostimulation, Hyaluronic Acid for lips and cheekbones, I have experimented with more innovative methodologies such as Biostimolant or Traction Threads for excellent non-surgical lifting results, and recently I have had surprising results with Bio-Remodelling, an exclusive technique based on the use of Hyaluronic Acid to counteract skin sagging of the face. My professional achievements are dedicated to the satisfaction of my patients, my research is an infinite passion.

Professional Experience

  • Medical Coordinator at the Terme di Sirmione Wellness Center for the development of strategies for medical-aesthetic and thermal treatments
  • Freelance activities in Preventive medicine and Anti-Aging, aesthetic medicine and oculoplastic surgery in Milan
  • Head of the Aesculapius Care Center, center for medicine. Preventive and Anti-Aging.
  • Health manager in ophthalmology at the Brunico hospital. Operating in the ward, operating room and specialist outpatient visits and outpatient consultations at the hospital in Bressanone
  • Freelance activity in ophthalmological medicine, aesthetics and oculoplastic surgery in Munich
  • Internships in Anti-Aging Medicine at the German Soicety of AntiAging Medicine, in collaboration with J. D. Fauteck, M.D., M. Klentze, Prof. M. D., J. Huber, Prof., M..D., A..Wolf, Prof., M.D., A. Roemmler, Prof., M.D.


  • Degree in medicine and surgery
  • Specialization in ophthalmology with address oculoplastic surgery and aesthetic medicine
  • ESAAM Master (European Society of Anti-Aging Medcine) in preventive medicine and Anti-Aging
  • Medical Partner of Genosense Diagnostics for genetic diagnosis Preventive "Zone" Consultant

Professional Training

  • Anti-Aging Medicine Courses of the European Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
  • ESAAM Diploma of Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine Courses in diagnosis and hormonal therapies in Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Course of ophthalmoplastic and aesthetic Laser Surgery
  • Theoretical-practical courses on injectable materials in dermocosmetics
  • Theoretical-practical course for "PolymorphismDiagnostics in Modem Anti-Aging
  • Homeotherapeutic course (Italian Omotossicological Medical Association)
  • Training course in homeopathic mesotherapy
  • Training course in Homeopathy "Nutrition"
  • Superpulsed radiosurgery training course in aesthetic medicine
  • Training course in Anti-Aging Medicine of the German Society of Anti-Aging medicines with particular reference to Anti-Aging and "life-style" medicine and stress
  • Theoretical-practical training course in oxygen-ozone therapy Laser resurfacing (stage at the Augenklinik H. C. Theodor, Muenchen, pfeiffer M., M.D., Riedel K., M.D.)
  • Theoretical and practical course of oculoplastic surgery at the Deutsche Akademie fuer Kosmetische Chirurgie Stage at Dr. A. Goldman, Porto Alegre, Brazil, for laserlipolysis
  • Theoretical-practical course of S.E.F.F.I (Superficial Enhanced Fluid Fat lnjection) at Dr. A. Gennai cosmetic surgery, Bologna
  • Theoretical-practical course for vaginal rejuvenation by radiofrequency at Dr. G. Leibaschoff, Dallas

Dr. Sirch Katharina

Spec. in Ophthalmology

I want make women and man look & feel better.

Dr. Sirch Katharina

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