Dietetics and


Dietetics and

Dietology - Nutrition - Overweight - Obesity

  • "Tailor-made" diet
  • Food education
  • Study of one's metabolism
  • Psychological support for nutrition

Our exclusive

The goal is not just to help you decrease your body weight, but above all to transmit the secrets of proper nutrition. So it is a real teaching.

For the creation of your nutritional program, through an accurate visit, we take into consideration:

  • Nutritional preferences
  • The habits of life
  • Daily activities
  • Your psychological profile
  • Dietetic and nutritional history
  • The pathological anamnesis
  • The blood chemistry tests
  • Data from the clinical visit
  • Anthropometric values
  • The impedance results

On the basis of the data obtained, a nutritional proposal is organized in collaboration, which is based not only on the number of calories, but also on the right ratio of micro and macro nutrients. The most important thing is the absolute personalization, which will allow you not to give up the dishes you like and the social and family life.

After the end of the program of the reduction of weight and body fat and the achievement of the predetermined objective, we continue with the second part which is the most important: maintenance. In this way you will be able to take care of the secrets of the right nutrition, so that once you have finished your effort, you are able to keep the weight steady forever, to live beautiful and healthy. We are waiting for you for an informative meeting.

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