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12 December 2023

Improve your collagen!

Did you know that as time goes by, our body loses more and more collagen? This process starts as early as the age of 25 and around the age of 40 half of our reserves are lost.

This is the natural ageing process, but it is possible to prevent it and reduce its consequences with a synergy of treatments, skincare and nutrition! Read on to find out what they are.

Specific non-invasive treatments

These are protocols designed to stimulate collagen production with non-invasive techniques that do not require recovery time and do not leave marks on the skin. Among these, at our centre we propose the Renew&Glow protocol, which combines two radiofrequencies with active ingredients, or the non-invasive Microbotox, a treatment that exploits our skin's ability to regenerate itself by stimulating it with micro-needles and conveying a customised cocktail of active ingredients, or the Non-surgical Lifting, which offers deep tissue stimulation while reshaping the face.

Specific injection treatments (non-volumising)

For those who are not afraid of needles, however, there are various injection treatments that are perfect for deep hydration and stimulation of collagen, and also prevent skin ageing, for example:

  • vitamin-enriched hyaluronic acid-based biorevititalisation
  • PRP, which harnesses the benefits of our own plasma for cell regeneration
  • Sculptra and Radiesse, depending on the case, two powerful collagen biostimulants, which work over the following months.


It is important, in addition to the studio treatment, to combine a skincare routine adapted to our skin type and aimed at maintaining our collagen. For example, Vitamin C, an antioxidant and moisturiser that prevents ageing caused by free radicals, and retinol, essential for the synthesis of collagen and elastin, cannot be missing. A must-have in our Samsara line is the Vitamin C liposomal serum and the Night Repair Cream, which contains retinol and vitamins.

Power supply

Iron, found in foods such as turkey, egg yolk, lentils, green radicchio, vitamin c, contained in high amounts in prunes, oysters, and finally zinc, contained in foods such as whole grains, beans, shellfish and crustaceans, are essential to promote collagen synthesis in our diet.

At our centre in Lugano you can request a consultation for both treatments, skincare and nutrition, in a completely personalised manner. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Photo by abdullah ali on Unsplash